Architectural Films

Making your building safer, greener and more attractive

Solar Control

Solving a number of problems encountered by offices and factories, we offer a wide range of high performance solar films, tackling:

  • Reduce UV by 99%
  • Reduce heat
  • Control glare
  • Slow down fading
  • One-way privacy
  • Transform aesthetics

Solar control films are available in many different colours and shades, from traditional silver ‘mirror’ to warm bronze, neutral grey and vibrant blue.  Traditionally, most ranges come in a light, medium and dark shade, depending on your specific requirements.

Window films reduce air-conditioning costs and can improve productivity by improving the working space.

Shop-fronts and museums have always presented a challenge for window film manufacturers as a careful balance needs to be found between clear visibility and decent film performance to reduce fading caused by heat and UV.  Our latest generation Infra Red (IR) Ceramic films now tick all the boxes, with metal-free construction and great solar control properties.

Safety & Security

Available as clear or combined solar control, safety films offer many benefits and range in thickness from 50 microns to over 300, depending on the type of application and risk.  Safety films can prevent injury from flying glass by holding fragments together in the event of breakage.  Security films add strength to a glazed unit, making forced entry much harder.

Avoid costly glass replacement and bring glazing up to required safety standards by the application of a PMX Coatings safety film.

Benefits include:

  • Filters UV by 99%
  • Available in bomb-blast standard
  • Brings glazing up to BS/EN 12600 safety standards
  • Helps to protect occupants in the event of violent acts, natural disasters and accidents
  • Deter thieves as forced entry becomes much harder and takes longer


Whether you require total blackout, subtle frosted or an obscuring pattern, PMX will have a solution for you.  Our Silver 05 offers excellent ‘one-way’ mirroring, under the correct conditions.

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