Wall Coverings

Custom Wallpaper & Bespoke Wall Graphics

Use custom wallpaper and bespoke wall graphics to change the décor and the ambience in your business.


Offices are usually bland environments but you can change all that with carefully chosen colour and images. An office makeover can even help to increase employee productivity making it a worthwhile investment.



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Motivate members of your gym through the use of powerful and inspiring images and include helpful advice and information on wall coverings to educate members.

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Cruise Liners

Create the wow factor from the second your guests arrive onboard, so they know that they’re in for an amazing holiday whatever their age! Don’t forget to set the scene within bars, spas and lounge areas by using images that conjure up style and luxury.

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Whatever your film, signage or wall graphics requirements, PMX are here to help. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and no obligation quote.

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